Hey there, I'm Sarah & it's lovely to meet you!


The best way to describe me would be as a free spirit! My favorite place to be is in the wilderness or some sneaky beach upon the golden hour when the lighting is at its most breath taking. I often find myself drawn outside, or my eyes lusting out of a car window when the sun is setting. Even the most seemingly dull place on the side of the road will suddenly be transformed into a magical fairy tale in the right light. 


I chose photography as my career because it is my life's passion and I love people and anything creative. 

I am often laughing as I try my hardest to always have a good time and to not take much seriously, life is far too short! This is the best thing about my job as I get to enjoy all of your most important moments with you.


My style is a mixture of documentary, artistic, quirky and candid! What does that mean? It means that I sit back and spy out all of those fly on the wall moments that you would have otherwise totally forgotten ever happened, but equally love the golden hour and trying almost anything to get a fun, edgy and different photo that perfectly represents you and your loved ones. I've coined the phrase 'rad wedding art' because that is what I create!


Weddings are still one of my most favourite occasions to capture and having shot over 200 of them they are totally engrained in my identity as a photographer.

I'm also in my third year of creating Bespoke Mini Movies... What's that you say? Gorgeous mini movies recorded simultaneously with your stills and then mixed in together with rockin music over the top. Now available with Weddings and any portraits. Fab I know!


If I’m not out taking photos or in my office you might find me hanging out with my awesome family, having a coffee with my chickens, enjoying random laughter with my honey, trying to give my nephew too many kisses, cooking, gardening, chasing after five dogs or hanging out with any of my amazing friends!



"We are all wanderers on this earth. Our hearts are full of wonder and our souls are deep with dreams" Gypsy proverb.

Let's do this!


Sar xoxo


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