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Jed loves Katie {Real Engagement Shoot}

Hello hello! Tonight I would like to present to you this rad Kurt & Courtney/90's/ a little teeny weeny hippy/rock n roll/Kylie Minogue in Where the Wild Roses Grow real engagement shoot! When I first saw Katie Wittenburg & Jeremy Chapman as a couple on fb I was like you didn't tell me you were dating Kurt Cobain haha! So when they asked me to be their photographer I was like yaaassssss let's do this!

I've known Katie since we were 15 (we're both 29) so I knew she would be up for whatever crazy ideas I had. I set up a picnic of exotic elements including veggies as they both love healthy food and Jed is gluten free. Then of course we had to have outfit changes, their adorable pooches, cool glasses, smoke bombs and then because Katie is a total legend she got wet at the end!

The fresh Columbian Roses that I got Mel Shepherd to flick black paint on are crazy epic (all Roz Borg's idea). I think they both killed it and can't wait to capture their wedding. Coolest couple ever as these are for their wedding invites! Rock n roll baby!

Love, Sar xooxoxox

"Jed and I met while I was working as a bartender and he used to come up and have beers on a Sunday afternoon and I would sit and chat with him on my cigarette break. It's hard to describe why we love each other, we just do, we have a mutual connection physically as well as spiritually. We are best friends that have an undeniable chemistry, that laugh always and just understand each other in a way others don't. Jed proposed to me while we were travelling our way through Europe, in the unique city of Venice in Italy, we placed a lock with our names on it on the Bridge of Accademia and it was there he asked me to marry him. The ring was carried all the way through customs of each country for two weeks in one of Jed's socks in his luggage to keep it hidden from me. I thought it was a little strange that he kept wearing the same socks for so long and didn't change into the others! Our future plans is to live a happy and full life together and hopefully be blessed with children one day. I am so excited to become Mrs Chapman next May!" Katie Xo


Katie & Jed’s Clothes and accessories: A mish mash of old new and opshop items

Hair & Makeup: Streaks Ahead Hair Designers

Floral Designer: Floriffic Flowers

Cheese: Colin James Fine Foods

Creative Director: Arozona

Fresh Fruit & Veg: Mifsud's Fresh Fruit Barn

Bortoli Beans and Egg Plant proudly grown by me.

Wine: Penfolds

Bread: Bakers Delight

Glasses, cheese board, table clothes and cowhide: A mixture of the Photographer’s, florist and couple's personal items.

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