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{Love is Love} Marriage Equality

On a very rainy day, a very special group of people made some magic happen.

I'm not even sure where to begin or how to tell you how absolutely majestic, breathtaking and divine the greenhouse is. When Roz from Arozona took me there for the first time it absolutely took my breath away, to call it heaven on earth would be an understatement. I actually had trouble concentrating whilst shooting because of being surrounded by such wonder. I also find it difficult to express in words how absolutely talented all the women are who contributed to this shoot and how grateful I am to work with such a team of absolutely phenomenal people. Our real life couple Cody and Kirsty were perfect for this shoot. From the millinery, to the cheese tower, to the flowers, to the succulents, everything contributed was unique in its own way and so beautiful. Again we have tried to create something that no one seen before. We want people to see how brilliant the little town Mackay is. The bigger picture here is not only did we create something beautiful to look atbut we are making a statement and saying that we do not accept the current marriage laws. We invited Tracy Victor one of our local celebrants to come and be in the photos because she is now also very proudly doing Civil Partnerships. Highlights of the day? I'm not sure, that’s like asking what is my favorite Beetle’s song. I'm lying in my bed right now writing this thinking did I dream this up? Probably the funniest thing that happened all day was Daisy the dog decided to have a bite out of the blue cheese while no one was looking and all I could do was laugh uncontrollably. Luckily we were able to cover it and you would never know it happened as it was specially ordered from Brisbane and delivered by plane!

Follow the link to see it live here!


Bride 1 Dress: Under The Veil

Bride 2 Attire: I.D. dezine

Millinery: Danica Erard Millinery

Hair Designer: Funhouse Hair Sarina

Makeup Artist: Elliegance - Ellie Simpkin Makeup Artist

Floral Designer: Floriffic Flowers

Cheese Wheel: Colin James Fine Foods

Botanical Artist: Arozona

Table Setting: Borrow My Bits

Graphic Design/Printing: Mooka Design

Celebrant: That Nice Celebrant

Living Wall: Takarah Gardens

Succulents: Mary's Succulents

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