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Zane loves Alexis {Earth lovers}

"New Years is always meant to be 'new beginnings', for Zane and I, it definitely was. On the 1st of January 2010 at 1am I purposely tripped Zane over on the dancefloor in an Airlie beach nightclub. I grinned at him and he followed me into the crowd and I turned around and kissed him and said 'Happy New Year' his response was 'what's your name?' We spent the whole night talking to eachother and 3 weeks later I moved to Melbourne. We tried to 'give eachother up' but by the following July we knew it was pointless because it's always been like a magnetic connection between the two of us. We spoke every day and every night on the phone until I moved back to Mackay and the rest is history.

Zane proposed on our 5th anniversary and to say I was completely shocked is an understatement! He's the best decision I've ever made and vice versa. We are very different people separately but together we work so well and 'even' eachother out. He is my cinema, I could watch him forever. And he says the same about me".

Alexis xoxox

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