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Marriage Equality Day 09/01/18

{Love is love} Love Wins

On a very beautiful Queensland Tuesday afternoon, we got to do what we love and that is to witness and capture people's love stories. On this particular day, the 9th of January 2018 we made history and I am so super proud to be apart of that. Marriage equality for all!

I absolultey adored not just photographing this amazing love celebration, I was also a witness for my beautiful friends to legalise their union!

There was a beautiful spread put on by our darling celebrant Tracey and crystals and most importantly champagne! Ok no the love was the most important thing BUT champers darling!


Celebrant: That Nice Celebrant

Bianca's Flower Jewellery: Floriffic Flowers

Hair: Brooke from Funhouse Hair


Sar xoxoxoxo

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