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{Vintage Farm Dreaming} Published in Vintage Bride

This shoot all began with Adele’s gorgeous little bowls. I was scrolling through facebook one day and saw she had made these divine little bowls and plates with doughnuts and ice creams. I immediately showed Bianca and with a squee the basis for our new shoot had begun. Adele and her husband Brock are also long time clients of Bianca’s and as you can see they are just the cutest so we had been waiting for the right shoot to use them in.

For all shoots of course we already have a team we like to work with so obviously the only choice for floral’s was the ever amazing Mel from Floriffic Flowers. I generally just give her a colour palette to work with and say something like “Can you please make the bouquet F off big” or something like that and she then works her magic. Bianca had the idea for the flower bowtie and I had seen a pair of shoes with floral’s and again just sent her an inspiration pic and let her do her thing.

We originally wanted a 50’s Cupcake dress but Bianca found this gorgeous little cream number, an original from the 50’s that is repurposed by this delightful little place that sells vintage clothes.

I have always wanted to do an Alpaca shoot and so naturally when some close family friends of mine bought a family of Alpacas it was only a matter of time before we incorporated them into a photo shoot. It was sheer ass that they behaved as they do not perform for tricks and at the last minute, just before the sweet golden hour light was out, they just happened to do what I wanted them to do allowing me to get these epic shots! We also absolutely had to incorporate the couple’s dogs Dave the Duschund and Jack the Jack Russel!

We welcomed the very talented Maddy for the flawless makeup this time and Mel scouted Candy with her absolutely ridiculous glamping tents that are just incredible! The whole time I could see myself curling up with some doughnuts and having a nap, I reluctantly fought the urge!

This shoot is a mixture of vintage dreaming meets the farm, cross it with some glamping, doughnuts and with a little barn yard animal bliss! We kept the doughnut and ice cream theme throughout the shoot as you can see with the little accents of all of the delicious  hand made clay items from Adele Maggie’s range.

Vendor Love:

Hair: Funhouse Hair Sarina

  Floral’s & Decorating: Floriffic Flowers

Makeup: Cakeface Madison

Tent: The Best Intentions Tent Co.

Pottery (Plates, bowls, jewels, etc): Adele Maggie


Adele’s Shoes: Verali Shoes

Jacket:  Hustle and Flo

 Shirt: Ed Harry

Shoes: Under Armor

Dog’s Bowties: Kmart & Adele

Cake & Pastries: Sarah from SarahHearts

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