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Nuw Zeeeeeeelund with The Summers 2019

Tonight, finally after getting through a mammoth and record August of the 2019 wedding season I can finally share with you my epic adventures with my dearest friends in New Zealand from July. It's become a yearly thing that we are doing. My gorgeous friend and I go on super fun dates and adventures that we wouldn't normally do if we lived in the same country! Truth is Shanelle-Ryan Summers were my very first wedding that I shot in 2010 in the infant stages of SarahHearts. Friends of my then boyfriend they booked me and I was stoked! After many Australian adventures, and some misadventures these two love birds decided to move back home to the land of the long white cloud to start their little family that they had so longed for! Of course we lost touch but still chatted on fb. Shanelle was always inviting me over until last year I was like f it! I'm coming and so I booked my ticket. I turned up with no address or phone number and just a hope I would be collected. Shanelle told med I looked terrified and truth be told I was but I love a good old adventure so I was down and ready! Like all true friendships, absolutely nothing had changed except they had made two babes with a third in her belly. This year I got to meet little Saskia their darling little girl. There is Bodhi their eldest who is emotional and all for love and the best snugs, then next is Nikau or as we like to call him Bam Bam all ruff and tumble and he would keep saying Sarah! It was very cute, and now little Sas who I can't wait to see next year! I'm so proud of you two and what you have achieved. Your little family is so beautiful and all of your hard work, long days and hours are paying off. It's so nice that our children will have friends to visit in Aussie and NZ and I only have this overwhelming feeling of aroha for all of you.

Love always your Sar (your cuzzy bro is Aus) xoxox

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