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Kimberly loves Charisle {Engaged}

{Soul Mates}

These two gorgeous gals are getting married next year and their story is so sweet I needed to share it with you from their own mouths. How stunning are they and their eyes! Oh my 😍

Kimberley: The moment I met Charisle, I knew she was going to be in my life one way or another. I just felt comfort and something deep with her straight away. I still struggle to explain it but here we are, getting married so I guess that explains it!

Charisle: I never thought I would get married - ever. I always wanted to but never thought I would find the one. When I met Kimberley, I just knew. I bought a ring and was planning something big and elaborate, I wanted to impress and go all out knowing I had been waiting for this moment my whole life. One night I came home from work and Kimberley had set up a cute little picnic in the loungeroom and we were just enjoying each other's company. It just felt right. We had some music on and this song came on called Marry Me. I asked Kimberley 'Will you..?" right as the song said Marry Me. It took her a while to get it! We often laugh because Kimberley will say she was in her ugliest pj's and it wasn't elaborate or anything like I had been thinking. But it just felt right.

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