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{Kim loves Amy}

I ventured through picturesque, windswept landscapes to reach the breathtaking property where these two lovebirds are exchanging vows. Amy's decision to opt for pants over a traditional dress resonated deeply with me; authenticity is key in capturing genuine moments, and her outfit truly reflected her unique style. Plus, the presence of their adorable hounds Obi and Hera added an extra layer of charm to the occasion.Their engagement tale adds a charming twist to their love story: inadvertently turned away at the closed South Australia border during Covid by the Police, Kim seized the moment to propose at a humble service station – a truly heartwarming moment! With the majestic mountains casting their enchanting glow and the breathtaking light, I am so excited to capture your wedding! We are going to have so much fun!

All my love,

Sarah B xoxo


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